Binaural Panning Explained – Creating Tracks

This quick Pro Tip will help you create more depth and separation in your mix by using a technique called Binaural Panning.

Binaural Panning is not the same as binaural beats or binaural recording, through it does provide you with some of the benefits of binaural recording. It allows you to ‘place’ sounds in a specific area of an environment without having to employee any reverb or work in a surround sound project. Where tradition panning give you free reign over the left and right channels in the stereo field, binaural panning opens up a three dimensional space for your sounds to exist in.

This technique can be used with any kind of sound and any kind of music to provide you with a much deeper and immersive overall sound for your fans to enjoy. You can set up your binaural panning in a planar or spherical space, adjust the overall size of the environment, freely move between the outer edges and the inner-most center of the space and even activate a Doppler effect for more true-to-life engagement with moving sounds.

There are obviously many different things you can do to add more depth and separation in your music, but binaural panning is quick, easy and dependable. It is also a fantastic way to call specific sounds out in your projects, draw more attention to them and even affect how they are perceived in relation to the rest of the sounds in the mix.


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