Mastering Tip That Will Change Your Production Forever! (2019)

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In this tutorial, I am going over some issues that are common while mastering an audio track and how to avoid them.

So, you have reached the mastering stage of your track and you perform EQuing, compression and all kinds of other techniques to make the track sound better. But for some reason after processing the master, the entire thing would just seem to fall apart while sounding a lot less dynamic and duller than before. And you are left with uncertainty as to why it sounds that way? As mastering is supposed to make tracks sound better, right?

Sound familiar?

I too faced this issue in the beginning, while learning music production and I couldn’t figure out why it was. Until I realized that this has to do with psychoacoustics and how the human ear and mind are designed to prefer the sound of something which is audibly louder.

So here it is. A video where I go over gainstaging, LUFS and how to perform A/B comparisons in FL Studio between the unmastered and mastered tracks using Youlean Loudness Meter (For loundness matching).

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Music in the video :

1. Track used for demonstration: Convolva – Upcoming Track ID

2. Convolva – The Dark Triad :

3. Convolva & 8anjara – Eden :

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