Ambisonic Spatial Audio for VR

Sound Devices visited the Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue and Education Center – – to use the MixPre-6 to capture Ambisonic spatial audio. In this case we are using the Sennheiser Ambeo VR mic, but you can apply a similar workflow using other Ambisonic surround mics. We worked with VR video creator Aspect Multimedia – – to capture the 360 VR video, which can be viewed here:

*Note* – Listen to the 360 VR video with Headphones! And, the VR video only works correctly in Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

In post production, we converted the A to B-format audio files, and then decoded the b-format ambiX files to binaural using both the free Sennheiser Ambeo A-B format converter plugin and the Facebook 360 Control plugin. Lastly, we combined and outputted the 360 video using Adobe Premiere Pro 2018.

For the MixPre configuration, we set up the MixPre in custom mode with all gain assigned to the front panel knobs, L/R tracks disarmed, channels 1-4 linked for matched gain control, and a headphone preset to monitor tracks 1-4 in dual mono.

Click the following to learn about the Sennheiser Ambeo Plugin:

Click to learn about the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation Plugin:


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