Guides in Using a Surround Sound System


Surround sound covers different methods of producing a great quality of sound from main audio supply together with audio control and channels, with the aid of various and distinct speakers. Audio channels can produce sound in 3D sphere to human ear. Surround sound speaker and other application encircle the listener to create a more quality sound. This technology is commonly used in home theater, gaming consoles, PCs and most especially in cinemas.

This technology was first used in the animated movie Fantasia which was produced by Disney Studio in 1940. With the aid of this technology, various activities like watching TV and movie, video gaming and listening to music are more enjoyable and more pleasant to ear.

There is various surround sound application that is needed to produce a great quality of sound. Some of these are speaker and audio-visual amplifier. But these surround sound applications will remain useless without the knowledge on how to apply.

Here are some guides on how to use this technology.

Audio-visual amplifier and speakers is very necessary to have a great surround system. You can buy a package of all-in-one speaker and amplifier. This package usually includes special amplifier, five speakers and a sub-woofer.

You must also consider the positioning of the speaker. The arrangement of the speaker will also depend on your room's shape. A flat LCD screen hang on the middle of the wall set in square room with a surround sound speaker is a best setup. The speakers are usually put the both sides of the TV and your sofa and another speaker behind the set. You can position the sub-woofer anywhere in the room.

You should also structure well your wiring to ensure that your applications will work and to prevent possible electrocution.

The volume levels and time delay of the speaker should also bet set depending on the sound quality you wanted.


Source by Gerald Salazar

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