Headboard Slipcovers – Pushing Designs And Surround Sound Into Bed Time


Looking for a refreshed custom look in your bedroom? Do you like a particularly lush sensuous fabric… or perhaps a masculine leather headboard to set a strong mood? The new class of innovative easy-to-install and affordable headboard slipcovers make bedroom design makeovers a snap-of-the-fingers easy.

More Home Entertainment Choices – Surround Sound Headboards. With 500+ cable channels pouring into multiple in-house hook-ups, and a dizzying range of land and now satellite radio choices plus millions of music CDs and DVD films, it’s no wonder that high fidelity and multimedia entertainment work their way into our bedrooms. Surround sound headboard designs simply extend the natural reach of film and music into our most private chambers.

* Sizing, Measurements And Speaker Wire Layouts. Analogous to a car’s dashboard and door sound system, the surround sound headboard speaker system features a number of custom sized cut-outs, matching the specific speaker model and size. Performance speaker wire “networks” the surround sound headboard “system”… with a trailer hook-up wire of around 20 feet length, which you can then connect to your bedroom multi-media system. What could be sweeter!

Slipcover Fabric Choices. No matter whether you have a standard size bed, queen size, king size or even a platform bed, you’ll draw on an artist’s palette of slipcover fabric colors… from light pastels to earth tones of green and brown to reds, lavender, black and every shade between.

* Gingham, Velour, Carpets. Textured fabric headboard design possibilities also include velour, Oriental carpet motifs, and many shades of leather slipcover finishes.

* Leather Slipcover. Leather king size headboard cover designs offer not only a highly textured and inviting décor choice, but also provide easy maintenance… a simple wipe clean to remove dust… and of course a leather slipcover long life expectancy.

* Upholstered Headboard Cover. A more finished, professional look… hard wearing akin to slipcover furniture fabric grades can be created with the many textured and variously hued upholstered headboard cover choices. Often, in order to achieve this “high end” designer look, you’ll need to hire a custom slipcover professional to take measurements or perhaps physically remove your headboard and then do the entire custom slipcover operation off site.

* Tufted Headboard. Another trim possibility includes combinations of padded headboard covers where a soft cushiony ½ inch padding foam can be installed, and then the outer surface finished in a wide range of fabric choices as a tufted headboard.

Range Of Headboard Slipcover Sizes To Match. Like Goldilocks arriving unexpectedly at the 3 Bears/ home… each bowl of porridge held some possibilities… getting the right one was just a matter of balance. The same rule applies to headboard slipcovers. Given the standard bed frame size, you can order a queen size headboard cover in virtually in fabric and trim combination… or if your bed is longer, order the king size bed headboard cover, noting the measurements for standard king vary to California king.

Making Your Own Full Size Headboard Cover. For people skilled in pattern-making and stitching, slipcover making in the convenience of your own home is a rewarding home project. Getting it right, or getting it wrong boils down to eye-for-detail concentration. Concern areas when slipcover making include the art of taking correct measurements… allowing for curved versus hard-line shapes… allowing for “pleats” in order to achieve a smooth even surface texture, especially at the corners or sides.

Bottom Line:
Look into the new generation of designer headboard covers, and even the multi-media wave of surround sound headboard entertainment possibilities to add too your bedroom choice menu. Please go to the following links for up-to-date information.


Source by Robin J. Derry

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