How to Mix for 5.1 Surround on Headphones – Nx Virtual Mix Room

Watch how producer and mixer Simon Vinestock (David Bowie, Robert Plant) creates 5.1 surround mixes on headphones using the Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin. Learn more:

The Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin enables mixing engineers to mix for 5.1. and 7.1 surround using standard stereo headphones, without needing a surround speaker system or a dedicated surround mixing facility.

Nx is also available for music listeners everywhere in the form of the Nx 3D Audio apps for PC, Mac and mobile, which allow you to listen to any surround mix on any set of regular stereo headphones: check out the Nx apps at

To listen to Simon’s 5.1 surround mix of Johnny Reid’s “What Love Is All About” on your headphones, go to the Nx 3D Audio Player at (available on PC/Mac with a Chrome browser).


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