Mixing With Headphones – Open Back vs. Closed Back

By request, here’s my take and experiences with open back and closed back headphones for mixing! We’ll break down the benefits of each to help you make the right choice for your mixing needs 🎧🎚

Ollo Audio S4 (Open Back):
Adam Audio SP-5 (Closed Back):

**This is a sponsored video. All opinions shared are honest and based on my actual experiences.

►DAW Presets & Templates:
*NEW* Divine Mastering Chains (Waves):
Divine Mixing Vocal Chains V2 (Waves):
Divine Mixing Vocal Chains (Logic Pro X & Cubase):
Divine Mixing Drum Chains (Waves):
Divine Mixing Waves Template (Logic Pro X, Cubase & Pro Tools):
*UPDATED* Divine Mixing Template One (Logic Pro X, Cubase & Pro Tools):

►Video Training Courses:
Divine Beat Mixing (Mixing & Mastering Course):
Divine Mixing Session 1 (Mixing & Mastering Course):
Divine Mixing Session 2 (Mixing & Mastering Video Course):
Hip Hop Vocal Production (Lynda.com Course):

►Synth Presets & Drum Samples:
8oh!8 Bass Presets for Serum –
The Niche Kit (Creative Drum and Loop Kit) –
Urban Dreamscapes for Serum –

►My Studio Gear

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