Senses Fail – Can't Be Saved (360 Binaural Ambisonic Acoustic Cover) – Mix Test By Said Too Much

Original Artist: Senses Fail

All writing credit goes to Senses Fail with much respect.

So this is a new 360 ambisonic mix of the first cover I ever made over a year ago. I tried to make things a little more asymmetric this time. To help anyone out trying to perceive what each harmony part is; parts above the main melody are literal panned above, and parts below are literally panned below. Also if it’s hard to make out, the thing below you is a supposed to be a cajon but it’s at a weird angle when seen POV. I Hope you all can appreciate the possibilities this 360 degree mixing style has, and can see how these extra dimensions allow you to cram a lot of different instruments and harmonies all at once while maintaining more clarity as you can turn to pinpoint each element. Arrangement, vocals, guitar, engineering and production by Kevin Monn. Enjoy!

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