Let Peace Prevail 360

I am so Happy and humbled to present you the Ambisonics Master of ” Let Peace Prevail ”
Object-based audio is a revolutionary approach for creating and deploying interactive, personalised, scalable and immersive content, by representing it as a set of individual assets together with metadata describing their relationships and associations .You can now effectively position additional mono or stereo sources into the 3D sound field. Ambisonics B is the most widely used format and i am super proud to introduce it in my Mastering chain.
I have decoded the Ambisonics file to Binaural so listeners can enjoy 360 sound on their conventional headphones.
You can hear it from this link . However on my sound cloud page i have uploaded the Ambosonics files with both AmbiX and FuMA formats. Those you can hear only with Ambisonics compatible players. This concept is new here but i believe its the future of how we will hear Audio .Shine on…


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