OLLO Chat #13: John Escobar [Ambisonic sound]

OLLO Chat #13 features John Escobar, independent producer, engineer and professor on the Berklee college of music. We spoke about ambisonic sound, the future of 3D sound and how this affects the world of audio engineering.

00:48 How did you get into music industry?
02:58 How approach to music / music business differ between different cultural environments
04:26 Berklee
05:38 First contact with 3D audio
08:03 Application of 3D sound and how can one monetize it
13:16 Future of mixing of ambisonics and the role of headphones in this
17:48 Work flow of mixing 3D sound (Bin-aural rendering and spatialization of sound – importance of head tracking)
23:46 Is ambisonics something that music industry will take a chance on or is it gonna go its own way?
28:28 The A and B format
33:25 Future of monitoring ambisonic sound
36:23 Benefits of being a freelancer in a music industry
38:18 Finding balance between perfecting engineering skills and managing (new) clients, PR etc.
43:41 Specialization that will emerge in the field of ambisonic sound?
46:14 HPS S4

More about John Escobar:
John Escobar is a producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator, teaching several courses in the Music Production and Engineering department for Berklee College of Music. He has worked with a wide range of artists, including Grammy-winning folk artist Sarah Jarosz, jazz guitar virtuoso Larry Coryell, violinist Joshua Bell, and many others. He has also taught at Harvard, Boston University, University of Southern California, and Northeastern University.


John’s other videos on ambisonics:


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