S.E.E.M. A demo into 3D spatial audio mastering

S.E.E.M. (Spatially Enhanced Electronic Mastering) is a type of mastering that is purposely designed to make the listener (you) feel like they’re inside of the music, without having to use any special software or hardware. It is a difficult form of mastering to get right, and requires a lot of time and rescources to do. The ultra wide virtual feild of audio can also help when making a track less muddy, due to it’s separation of instruments to specific locations in the viewers feild of hearing. This is a relatively new concept (especially to me) and can only get more perfected as time goes on. Knowing this, it is highly dynamic and can be done differently from person to person.

Now onto the less professional description. IM NOT TELLING YOU MY SECRETS ON HOW TO DO THIS!!!! It was a little project I’ve been working on, and I’ve put over 15 hours into it. Near the end my computer was not having it, so I managed to finish the project and here you go! Also, for a short nerdy answer for what this is, imagine TXH for Music. I’m still extremely new to this concept, so I haven’t quite mastered the process (pun intended) so there is deficiencies I need to learn how to work out. Enjoy!

Art by:

Filippo Ubertino
Concept Artist


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