Maxime Hervé – 360 Ambisonic

A quick test recorded in a couple of hours a few months ago that I only had the time to finish it now.
Shot with a Ricoh Theta and recorded with a Josephson C700S into Universal Audio Apollo 8p.
Mixed quickly with Reaper using Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation.
The idea was to record a simple tune, and mix it as organic as possible.
Not much EQ apart from the bass drum. Some reverb to sweeten it and that’s it.
To be completely hones, Youtube’s first order ambisonic + it’s own binaural encoding, make the mix sound less “sharp” regarding the position of the instruments.
But as quick test, it was a great experience.
I hope you enjoy.
Post your questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.


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