New 360 VR features in Adobe 2018 Apps (Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects)

The 360 video is here to stay, YouTube, Facebook are trying to make it mainstream on there’s platforms, and 360 cameras are coming out like hot cakes. On response of that Adobe creative cloud implemented new tools to work on 360 / equirectangular / VR videos/photos (after buying Skybox from Mettle). Mainly on Photoshop, Premiere pro and After Effects.

I’m now working on a personal Tiny Planet look short film. Subscribe to see it came!

Make Tiny Planets Tutorial:

Photoshop 0:18 :
– 0:56 – 360 panoramas edit (Brushes, Healing brush, Clone Content aware, Fill, Dodge / Burn, (…))
– 1:22 – Add graphics (merge down)

Premiere pro 4:03 :
– 4:15 – Effects
– 6:05 – Transitions
– 7:55 – VR head seet (
– 8:10 – Add graphics to video
– 9:33 – Audio options in 360 (the Ambisonics)

After Effects 13:13 :
– 13:41 – VR com editor ( 13:58 2D workflow / 16:01 3D workflow, image stabilization and add 3D elements)

Need to add or improve : 18:15

But, as everything, it’s massing some tools on Adobe that I think should be implemented in CC (). To be cleared Adobe bought Skybox just a few months before presenting the new update do the CC 2018, so many differences is that that the effects was renamed from “mettle” to “vr”…

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