The Definitive (ish) Stereo and Surround Microphone ShootOut!!!

Jesse and I set out on a journey to discover which is the best Stereo and/or Surround Microphone set up for Field Recording.

To accomplish this we gathered all the different microphones and stereo/surround configurations we could get our hands on. Including set ups such as Mid Side, ORTF, DMS, XY, Ambisonic and so many more. We used microphones from many different popular brands including Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sony, Wildtronics, etc.

For recorders we primarily utilized Sound Devices such as the 702T, 788 and Mix Pre series.

To accomplish this shootout we set out to Duvall WA and Granite Falls WA. We set up the microphone arrays in a line and did a series of tests including flying a drone (DJI Mavic) past them, recorded higher SPL sounds such as Blanks from a prop gun and rolled on some ambiences.

There are also some extra experiments at the end. Hope you enjoy!


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