Bass Hacks: Dolby Atmos Hack (Atmos Not Working?) DTS:X, Master, Dolby True HD

I use several “hacks” when setting up my home theater, and the “Dolby Atmos Hack” makes a huge difference… Vv Click “SHOW MORE” vV

“The List”, subwoofers that are dramatically deeper, powerful, and SATISFYING, with a much flatter response than typical subs:

This series is about short, easily digestible “hacks” that allow you to get more out of your current setup, but this one ran a little long.

Here is the link to the Bite-sized Bass Hacks playlist (Distance Hack, Gain Hack, etc…):

To recap, your BD Audio Mix (also called Secondary Audio, etc…) setting usually comes “ON” as default from the factory, and you need to turn it “OFF” to get Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Dolby True HD, DTS Master, and any other “lossless” format.

Some may not come that way, or they may automatically allow lossless formats already. So long as you see “Dolby Atmos” or “DTS:X” on your AVR (not an upmix-check your manual) on your AVR when playing a compatible disc, then you are golden.

Your Blu Ray player should be set to output “Bitstream” rather than “PCM”. On Sony, my only options were “PCM” or “Auto”. I selected “Auto” since Bitstream wasn’t an option.

Not all AVR’s process lossless formats, especially older AVR’s. Some proprietary “Lifestyle” systems won’t even process lossless formats.

I don’t have any direct affiliation with Denon or Marantz, but their higher end AVR’s that feature Audyssey XT 32 are very easy for me to recommend:

If you’re looking for a TV, one that features eARC might be worth looking at. I enjoyed the convenience of running the Blu Ray player to the TV first, then to the AVR. But without eARC, you can’t get the good formats, and I think the improved sound is worth the slightly less convenient setup of running the player to the AVR first.

Here’s the original Atmos video:

For more on the RV project, check out my original channel. I haven’t posted much yet on the RV, but that’s where most of the RV/travel/everything else things will be posted.

The setup in the RV is: (affiliate links)


Sony Blu Ray:
But this one makes more sense:

Post your thoughts on this hack in the comments below!

***Current System setup below***

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Here is the setup at the time of upload:

Amplifier Denon X6200W:

Tried the Marantz, loved it except for the portal display, preferred the overall sound:

Provided on a demo basis by SVS:



Atmos/DTS:X/Auro 3D height effect speakers:


Dual PB-4000’s!

SVS Soundpath Subwoofer Isolation System:

Speaker wire:

Subwoofer cable:

LG 4K 3D that I replaced previous Vizio with a Square Trade type warranty. Love the LG, some issues aside. Going through Amazon means you can get a decently priced 5 year warranty (strongly recommend for TV’s and AVR’s)

Sony UDP-X800 4K Player:

U-Turn Orbit Pus Turntable:

Measurement Mic for use with Room EQ Wizard:

Room EQ Wizard (free, donations encouraged for the guy that created it-not me):

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