How I Upmix From Stereo to 7.1 Surround Sound

Tonight, I Show You All How To Upmix From Stereo To 7.1 Surround Sound.
As With The Videos I React To, I Do Not Own The Software That I Use For This Video.

Link To Download Audacity:
Link To Download VideoPad:
Link To Download Wavepad:
Link To Download Debut Video Capture Software:
Link To Download Prism Video File Converter:
Software From My Camera Download Link:

You Will Need To Purchase The Master Edition Of Each Software Item To Edit And/Or Make Videos Like Me.

All Copyright Ownership To This Software Belongs To Their Respective Owners, Used Under Fair Use.
Importing Software Varies Depending On Brand Name And Camera You Use.

This Is How I Edit The Audio In My Videos.

Credit Also Goes To Grayve Rose Music As An Inspiration, Link:
The Original Video That I Watched:
That Video Was His, And Not Mine, As I Claim No Ownership. But It Is One Of My Liked Videos.

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