Allen & Heath ZEDi10 Mixer 🎛 Review

Is the ZEDi10 by Allen & Heath the most affordable, multichannel mixer available? Yes. Check prices here: but is it any good? In this video I find out.


The build quality is durable, not as good as a Mackie (the knobs could be better) but for the price, a nice experience and its size is small enough not to be prohibitive to travel with if necessary. It’s not backpack sized but still portable enough and even seems to have a handy handle on the side for easy carrying.

The preamps are clean all the way through the entire 60db of gain. This is 🔑. With clean preamps, we have the foundation we need to have a great audio mixer.

The resolution of the audio meters is pretty good with an 8 LED meter that allows you to get a decent idea of where your peak level is at any given time.

It has a power switch on back and although it seems like it’s in reverse with up being off and down being on, it’s a really nice feature that not all lower priced mixers have. Better than having to unplug it and plug it back in every time you want to use it.

Standard EQ options which can be nice if you are using the mixer in a live setup.

Each channel can be “soloed” so that it’s easy to properly gain stage each channel of audio. See my video on how to do this with or without “soloing” options:

As it pertains to podcasting, you have two auxiliary sends (aux and FX). The first is labeled aux send and it’s prefader, the second is the fx send and its post-fader or in our case knob. This will allow you to create a mix-minus setup for bringing in remote guests via Skype, Hangouts, phone, while also sending the caller all the audio in your mixer except themselves. See my video on how to setup a mix-minus:

Here’s the best way to connect a smartphone to your mixer for taking phone calls on your podcast:

Headphone output with its own volume control. This seems like it adds a little noise at the upper levels which is disappointing because you want to hear exactly the quality of the audio that you are sending into the mixer. Just know that if you are hearing in the headphone output, it’s not translating into the recording.

You’ll want to pick up a headphone amp if you have more than one person in studio which is likely why you purchased a multichannel mixer. This will provide each person who is connected to the mixer, to control his or her own audio monitoring levels. This is an affordable option:

4 in, 4 out 24bit/96khz USB 2.0 with true multichannel output to your DAW including bi-directional audio (audio in and out). This means you can connect up to four XLR microphones and input those mics into audio recording software such as Audition or Audacity with each channel of audio onto its own track. This allows you to edit each channel of audio, each microphone, independently in post production.

Also very importantly, you can hear the audio you are sending into the ZEDi10 while also monitoring the audio that is coming into the mixer at the same time. Not all mixers allow for this two way (bi-directional) monitoring.

Plug and play for Mac and iOS. You’ll want to get the latest drivers if using this with Windows. You can get those here:

Overall, as the most affordable, multichannel mixer on the market at $199 (U.S.), I was happy with this mixer’s performance. I wasn’t happy with how much gain the mixer requires in order to push a good signal through the USB to the computer however I was very impressed with the dynamic range of the preamps in that you can record at relatively low levels into your software (peaks around -26db) and bring up that audio to Loudness standards (-19LUFS mono), essentially raising the audio more than 20db in post and still get incredibly clean audio.

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