An introduction to surround mixing in Pro Tools

In this video, aimed at those who are already familiar with Pro Tools but who may be new to working in surround sound, we take a look at the basic concepts and workflows for working in surround in Pro Tools Ultimate. The topics covered are listed below. For convenience, I have included approximate start times in case you wish to jump straight into a particular subject.

0:50 5.1
1:43 7.1
1:54 SDDS 7.1
2:43 Pro Tools surround panner overview
3:31 Dolby Atmos integration in Pro Tools
5:28 Basic 5.1 mix of live gig recording
13:39 Brief introduction to divergence
17:23 Basic surround panning and divergence for post
22:32 The LFE channel
32:06 Filtering the LFE channel
33:24 Bouncing surround mixes
34:22 Creating a stereo downmix within the session
37:16 Destructive record and destructive punch
40:52 Offline bounce for surround mixes


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