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Surround Mixing and Dolby Atmos Mix Tutorial:

Today, for the first time, I am posting a video blog. The reason for this is because the techniques for Surround Mixing to Picture is not something that is seen or something that one can find very often as a video. The other reason is, until now, Dolby Atmos has mostly been present in literature and not really shown in action with a mix. I wanted to show 4 things:

My Mixing Philosophy in relation to Picture
Surround Mixing Techniques
Basic Dolby Atmos Workflow with the Local Renderer
Pro Tools Mixing Techniques.
The song I am using is Chathe by Thaikkudam Bridge. They are an amazing band and one that I personally am a big fan of. Govind Menon, who is the lead composer for the band and the Violinist and Singer, is a very good friend of mine and was very kind enough to offer the tracks and the session for letting me share the techniques of a surround mix. The rights of the song remain with Kappa TV and Mathrubhumi Music. The original mix was done by Rajan KS, Amith Bal and Hemanth K, and Mastered by Farhad Dadyburjor.


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