Binaural Audio Effect Rack + Oculus Spatializer // How To



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So what do I mean by “binaural”

Well, maybe you’ve heard the term binaural beats or binaural recording before. This recording technique utilizes two microphones, positioned to mimic the placement of human ears and how sound is perceived.

As we record in different positions surrounding these two microphones, upon playback the listener will perceive the left and right channel information as if they were in the same room where the sound was recorded.

This phenomena can also be described as the head-related transfer function, or in simpler terms the way our two ears perceive sounds in three dimensions. This happens due to the colorful differences in frequency content received by each ear.

For example, if we are out in the jungle & we hear a tiger roar, we instantly know the 3D positioning of the Tiger in relation to us… so we know which way to run. Thanks ears 🙂

So for this tutorial, let’s recreate this binaural technique into an audio effect rack with in Ableton, so we can place any incoming audio signal into it’s own 3D space. Again, this effect will be more prominent for our headphone listeners.


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