Zoom H3-VR: Introduction

Hi everyone, this is John from Zoom and I’m here to introduce you to the H3-VR.

Whether you’re a gamer, filmmaker, or musician, VR video is the undeniable future of content creation. The Zoom H3-VR virtual reality audio recorder is the complete solution for capturing and processing spatial audio for virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed-reality content. With a built-in Ambisonic mic, recorder and decoder, the H3-VR is the all-in-one 360-audio solution.

Capturing VR audio usually requires a dedicated Ambisonic mic, a separate recorder, and a computer for encoding the audio from a raw Ambisonics A format to a VR-ready Ambisonics B format. Aligning the 360-audio with the 360-video to create a full VR experience can be very work intensive. With the H3-VR, you save time, money and effort at every step.

The H3-VR’s 4-capsule Ambisonic mic captures precise 360-degree audio recordings up to 24 bit/96 kHz. With the single-knob gain control you can easily adjust the gain of all four mic capsules simultaneously for accurate, balanced 360-degree audio. The onboard decoder allows you to export Ambisonics B-format files directly, without the need to encode them on your computer.

Onboard Ambisonics playback allows you to simulate your spatial audio experience by rotating the H3-VR. The H3-VR also allows for stereo binaural headphone monitoring while recording.

The H3-VR can be used as a USB microphone with your 360 camera to livestream with 360-audio.

Auto Mic Position and Level Detection make placing the H3-VR simple. Whether positioned right side up, upside down, end fire or end fire inverted, the H3-VR automatically calibrates so your audio and video are already aligned for post.

The H3-VR fits right in with your existing gear featuring a dedicated line out for a wide range of 360 cameras or other external devices.

Staying out of the shot can be tricky when recording a 360-degree video, which is why the H3 Control app lets you remotely access transport controls, level settings, and metadata notes right from your iOS device.

The H3-VR records directly to a micro SD card up to 512GB.

Two AA batteries can power the H3-VR for seven hours. For longer shoots, the H3-VR can also use portable USB batteries or be plugged in via an AC adapter.

The H3-VR’s highly-accurate internal clock with .5ppm discrepancy reduces audio/video drift.

Perfect for live streaming, video conferencing, direct recording and more, the H3-VR’s audio interface mode turns it into a USB 360 mic for your computer or stereo mic for your iOS device.

For more information on the H3-VR, please visit zoom-na.com


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