360° ASMR Trigger Test – Step Inside My World

***Important: Please select 1080s video quality for viewing this video (by clicking the gear icon). Anything less is unwatchable.***

Hi, friends! Welcome to my third 360 degree immersive ASMR experience, and one of many new videos / experiences being produced by PixelWhipt, using a variety of 360° cameras! If you’re new to 360° content, please make sure to watch the brief introduction in the beginning of the video to learn how to look around the scene. This is my first experiment with a new 360° camera, and I thought you guys might like to join me as I test it out. So this video is exactly that: a test video with an assortment of (mostly familiar) tingly triggers, all in immersive 360°! So, sit back, relax, and step inside my world. 🙂

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This video will include:

Lens & ear brushing with “stipple stipple”
Sage Smudging with crinkle sounds
Scratchy/sloshy sounds
Crunchy walking sounds
Follow-the-light with lots of “ok goods” and a countdown for sleep

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Common triggers included: Personal attention, ear to ear, water sounds, crinkling, scratching, crunching

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