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In this video, John Escobar, a professor in the Music Production and Engineering department for Berklee College of Music, uncovers five smart tips for mixing ambisonic sound. Tips include what is needed, such as a DAW that’s capable of handling multichannel tracks, such as Reaper and Pro Tools, a variety of plug-ins, a format converter, and a playback converter, to monitor what you’re hearing. One of the reasons immersive audio works so well is that it gives us the ability to replicate psychoacoustic cues similar to the way we hear naturally. When working in virtual reality, headtracked audio allows the viewer to explore the environment depending on your position as you move, which gives you a more realistic sense that you’re physically in the space you’re seeing. Escobar’s tips also include AB conversion, mixing workflow, monitoring while working, and output delivery format options.

About John Escobar:
John Escobar is a producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and educator, teaching several courses in the Music Production and Engineering department for Berklee College of Music. He has worked with a wide range of artists, including Grammy-winning folk artist Sarah Jarosz, jazz guitar virtuoso Larry Coryell, violinist Joshua Bell, and many others. He has also taught at Harvard, Boston University, University of Southern California, and Northeastern University.

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