dearVR UNITY | Binaural 3D audio sound design for VR

dearVR is a professional audio engine for positional 3D audio and ultra-realistic acoustic room virtualisation.
For Games, VR and 360° Video – easy to use with the Unity Spatialization SDK and available in the Unity Asset Store:
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Perceive any audio object with full elevation and front-back effects. Create realistic acoustic environments with a true perception of direction, distance, reflections, and reverb.

● Realistic Spatialization for Unity
● 45 Virtual Acoustic Room Presets
● Efficient Reverb Bus Structure
● Multiple Reverbs on one audio source
● Real-Time Room Analyzer for Auralization
● Simulates Acoustic Occlusion

● VR Ready for all HMD devices
● Works with any pair of headphones
● Flag for Stereo Loudspeaker Mode
● For PC / Mac / iOS / Android
● Integrated in Unity Audio Mixer

Games, Virtual & Mixed Reality, 360° Video all Unity Projects turn into an immersive 360° sound experience!

More infos, demos and videos:

Music by Erol Sarp.


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