Gene Shinozaki / Alone in the Dark (Beatbox in 360° / VR / 3D Sound)

Musician, Gene Shinozaki and Filmmaker, Adam Andrew Corre of Beatbox Television collaborated to create this interactive, 360°/ Virtual Reality music video. The track, “Alone in the Dark” utilizes the technology of ‘spatial audio’ to create an immersive and 3D audio master. As you look around the video the sensitivity of the music changes depending where you choose to turn. The video was shot at YouTube Space New York using the six-camera GoPro Hero 4 Freedom 360 rig.
Download the original music by Gene Shinozaki:

Alone in the Dark Video Production by Beatbox Television.
-Filmed, Stitched and Edited by Adam Andrew Corre.
-Music Production by Gene Shinozaki.
-Spatial Audio Mastering by Albert Leusink.
(for more of Albert’s spatial content check out :


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