VR Audio Mixing In Pro Tools With G'Audio Labs – AES NY 2017

Karly Choi give us a cool tour of the new plugin form Pro Tools from G’Audio Labs that allows you to mix in VR surround. By simply directing mono or stereo tracks to different locators that you can easily place on the accompanying VR video, you can create an audio mix that moves with the video when you watch it in Oculus Rift or any 360 video for Facebook or Youtube.

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A Powerful Spatial Audio Plugin for Digital Audio Workstations
Works is the simplest way to place interactive 3D sounds in VR experiences. It empowers filmmakers and audio engineering professionals to create lifelike audio for cinematic VR and 360 video during the post-production stage.

Spatialization has never been easier

Simple Structure
Unlike other spatial audio plugins, the structure of Works is simple and familiar: master and slave. Simply insert the slave plugin for the tracks you want to spatialize. The slaved tracks will then appear on the master window view for you to manipulate.

Intuitively shape sound design in real-time while playing your imported reference video. Every element can be manually adjusted to achieve granular precision. Simply drag and drop the audio tracks onto the video and match the corresponding object movements. After movements are placed and recorded, information for azimuth, elevation, and distance is applied on the automation lane. All the appropriate audio tracks now have positional data, and sound synchronizes perfectly with the video as the user’s orientation changes.

Quick export with offline bouncing
Once an output format is chosen, projects can be exported quickly with offline bouncing. GA5 format is recommended to deliver a superior sense of object localization and audio quality over FOA. GA5 guarantees the same sound from production is heard on the player side without down mixing the quality.



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