Designing a GIS application for the Facebook generation

The web is full of complicated mapping apps, with loads of tools, check boxes and drop-down menus. These systems are designed by experts for experts, rather than the general public.

We needed a web mapping app for the iPod and FaceBook generation – kids who never read the manual, but expect things to just work. Our starting point was a printed book with 300 pages of text, photographs, charts, and maps.

We turned to ArcGIS Server 10 and the JavaScript API, using time-aware datasets, feature layers, and seamless cached map layers.

This presentation will explain how ArcGIS Server 10 allowed us to web-enable the rich legacy of datasets managed by NSW Government, in a framework which may easily be re-deployed for future applications.

We will explain some of the challenges encountered in the process, and the techniques we used to overcome these hurdles.


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