DIY 360° Audio Hacks On A Budget

Curious about 360° audio in VR movies and theater? Spatial audio is the most immersive new tech in the sound world and this episode of Audio Academy talks you through getting started on a budget.

We cover ambisonic microphones, using lavs as point sources, mixers you need and post-production basics, like which DAW and plugins to use and how to use metadata. Take your immersive audio to the next level with these budget hacks.

You don’t need a full VR studio to pull this off! With just some lavaliers, free software and a lot of patience and creativity you can create spatialized audio for your virtual reality and 360 productions.

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Deity Microphones produces weekly digital web content to help filmmakers and sound mixers grow in their education. Deity Microphones shares this free web series in hopes that the next generation of filmmakers grows in their video production quality and changes the world.

Deity Microphones produces free educational web content to help filmmakers, vloggers, sound mixers and sound designers grow as creatives and take their production quality (be it independent, TV, or studio) to the next level. Deity Microphones believes that budget should never be a constraint to creativity.

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