Ghost Orchestra Project – 360° Virtual Ambisonic concert in a reconstruction of Notre-Dame

The Ghost Orchestra project staged a virtual reality based reconstruction of a concert given for the 850th birthday of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. It is a virtual reconstruction of the acoustics of the Cathedral Notre -Dame de Paris, based on detailed measurements made in April 2015.

Such simulation can be used as documentation of the historic space, now seriously damaged, as well as to listen to the way it sounded.

Project webpage:

Room acoustic simulations were carried out using CATT-Acoustic v9 geometrical acoustics software. The video has been rendered with Blender Cycles (equirectangular baking) to be rendered on a 360° video.

The original version was based on a 3rd order Ambisonic sound field, decoded to binaural for headphone-based listening. This version (Cardboard) has been “down-sampled” to current Youtube requirements (Ambisonic 1st order).

This work was funded in part by the ECHO project (ANR-13-CULT-0004, and the BiLi project (“Binaural Listening”,, FUI-AAP14).


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