Varun Nair, Hans Fugal – Spatial audio at Facebook (ADC'17)

Spatial audio at Facebook

Varun Nair, Engineering Manager, Audio 360, Facebook
Hans Fugal, Software Engineer, Audio 360, Facebook

The Audio360 team at Facebook develops the spatial audio technology that power the Facebook, Oculus and other major apps across the VR industry. Spatial Workstation, a suite of tools developed by the team, is widely in use by post-production studios across the world to create content for new immersive media. Spatial Workstation is written with Juce and an audio library that packs the feature set of a lightweight game engine optimised for spatial audio design and rendering — including spatial audio building blocks for ambisonics and binaural rendering, advanced geometry analysis for sound propagation, spherical video rendering and VR headset support. The challenge is in exposing such a powerful (and complex) system through simple plugin interfaces in a DAW that allows sound designers to make content quickly. This session will cover basic spatial audio concepts that relevant to VR/MR followed by a deep dive into the technical lessons we’ve learned in building up a complex authoring system that includes VR control, video playback, audio processing, multi-process communication and cross-platform compatibility.

Presented at ADC 2017, Code Node, London.


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